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My oc for Transformers Prime/Michael Bay's Transformers


Steam Gear   

Sex: Male

Voice: Vin Diesel 

Faction: Autobot

Earth: General
Earlier Time: Tactical soldier 

Optimus Prime
Hound (Brother)

Vehicle: Oshkosh HEMTT Heavy High Mobility Truck 

Primary Weapons: Cybertronian Machine gun (similar to M249 machine gun), Cybertronian Handgun 

Secondary Weapons: Cybertronian triple barrel minigun, Magnum Cybertronian RPG, Cybertronian Combat knife

Armor: Bulletproof Armor Plating, Face plate of optimus prime, Heavy Duty Armor

Body Parts and features (Description): 

Head: Shape of Ironhide 
Face: Similar to Sentinel Prime with sunglasses
Eye: blind (uses sunglasses for sight) 
Body Type: Leader size (Optimus Prime size)
Torso: Chest Plate of DOTM Optimus Prime (Ironman Core look alike)
Back: Wheels facing flat with gun holsters 
Hands: Similar to Bonecrushers Hands 
Shoulders: Similar to Ratchet
Arms: similar to Blackout
Legs: Similar to DOTM Megatron
Feet: Feet similar to Long Haul
Paint color: Desert Camouflage

  • Dog Tag
  • Ammo holsters
  • Gun holsters
  • Infra Red sunglasses 
  • Shoulder pads
  • Knee pads


[Strength] //////// [8]
[Intelligence] ///// [5]
[Speed] //// [4]
[Endurance] ////////// [10]
[Rank] ////// [6]
[Courage] //////////[10]
[FireBlast] ////////// [10]
[Skill] /////// [7]

Catchphrase: " Come and get some!"
  • "The bigger they are; the harder to kill."
  • Say hello to my big friend!"   
  • "Don't start with me!"
  • "I'm a walking arsenal!" 
  • "Don't worry, I came prepared."
  • "If someone pulls the trigger, you put them down fast!"
  • "I will take the bullet for you if nobody else does." 
  • "I'm Blind, remember?"
  • "What are you staring at?"

Biography: Tough as Ironhide, Lovable as Bumblebee and has the heart and leadership of Optimus Prime. Steam Gear is one tough autobot on the entire team quite similar to his brother Hound. Steam Gear is the big brother to Hound and always looks for him and gets him out any bad situation where he can't handle it. They might always have a bit issues with each other but they will always have each other backs and never gave up on each other. He transforms into a Oshkosh HEMTT Truck because in order to keep from attracting attention from humans or anyone. He was military tactical soldier back in the earlier days of the civil war and later on became a general. He carries a lot of weapons like Hound does, a way of saying he is always prepared to fight off decepticons or anything. He is always been wise one when teaching someone a lesson but he is not afraid to loosen up once in a while and get down.

Past: During his early days of the war he was assigned by Primus himself to watch over Optimus as his guardian but more of a personal bodyguard to keep him safe. He had a dark paste on Cybertron when he was soldier his entire team was slaughtered by Megatrons clones and Starscream leading the genocide and he swore to get his revenge on Starscream for what he has done.



Even tough autobots can love (Transformers Prime/Universe game mix Fan Fiction): 
Ripraw crash lands on Earths Middle-East Deserts to look for optimus and his team to join. As he finds team Prime he sees that one autobot Arcee has the same goal to kill Starscream for killing their own teammates but then they realize how much they have in common. How will this work for both of them? Will they have a relationship?

Coming soon to Fan Fiction  :D (Big Grin)                         

:redalert:  (WARNING: My stories contains explicit content that is not mean't for under age. Read at your own risk!)    


United States

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