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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
My other page:
Youtube (Master DA):…
Fanfiction(Master DA):

I'm just a guy who loves to make Forza pictures and write Fan Fictions.

I love the Forza Motorsport Franchise and I've decided to make photo's. Hope you like them ;-)

I'm not just photographer on Forza Motorsport 5 (and now Forza Horizon 2) but I am also a writer on Fan fiction stories. So you can check those out as well but be warned as some or most of my stories contain explicit content, adult language and sexual content. Which is why they are rated "M" for a reason.

I am gamer that loves to play new, old and classics like the Need for Speed Most Wanted from 2005. I love Cars (also the movies) but more of an enthusiast in a way.

A huge fan of Top Gear from U.K. like Clarkson, May, Hammond and most of all the Stig and his cousins but not the crappy U.S. Version. TOP GEAR Forever!

Like my Forza Art? Be sure to favorite and drop a watch if you like.

From: New York City
Favorite Genre of Music: Rock, Techno, Dubstep, Electronic, OST's
MP3 Player choice: Windows Phone
Favorite Game: Mass Effect 2 (Trilogy)
Favorite Car: Lamborghini Aventador
Favorite Pokemon: Blaziken




Name: Cruxton
Sex: Mech
Faction: Autobot
Function: Commando/Tactical Solider
ALT Vehicle: Oshkosh HEMTT Heavy High Mobility Truck
Primary Weapons: Cybertronian Machine gun (similar to M249 machine gun), Cybertronian Handgun
Secondary Weapons: Cybertronian Two-Hand Hammer
Armor: Bulletproof Armor Plating, Face plate, Heavy Duty Armor

Body Parts and features (Description):

Head: Shape of Ultra Magnus
Face: Similar to Optimus but with a beard
Eye: blind (uses sunglasses for sight)
Body Type: Leader size (Optimus Prime size)
Torso: Chest Plate of Optimus Prime
Back: Wheels facing flat with gun holsters
Hands: Bulky hands like Bulkhead
Shoulders: Similar to Ratchet
Arms: Similar to Optimus
Legs: Similar to Optimus
Feet: Feet similar to Optimus
Paint color: Desert Camouflage

Dog Tag
Ammo holsters
Gun holsters
Infra Red sunglasses
Shoulder pads
Knee pads

[Strength] //////// [8]
[Intelligence] ///// [5]
[Speed] //// [4]
[Endurance] ////////// [10]
[Rank] ////// [6]
[Courage] //////////[10]
[Fire Power] ////////// [10]
[Skill] /////// [7]

Catchphrase:  "Come and get some!"

"The bigger they are; the harder to kill."
Say hello to my big friend!"  
"Don't start with me!"
"I'm a walking arsenal!"
"Don't worry, I came prepared."
"If someone pulls the trigger, you put them down fast!"
"I will take the bullet for you if nobody else does."
"I'm Blind, remember?"
"What are you staring at?"

Personality: Tough as Bulkhead, Cool as Bumblebee and has the heart and leadership of Optimus Prime. Cruxton is one tough autobot on the entire team quite similar to Bulkhead. Cruxton is like a little brother to Bulkhead and always looks for him to get out of any bad situation where he can't handle it. They might always have a bit issues between them but they will always have each other backs and never gave up on each other. Like any other Autobot soldier he takes commands like no other but he's not afraid to question orders if it's something rational or something endanger someone's life. He is not afraid to loosen up once in a while and get down.

Weaknesses: Sometimes he can get a bit too personal when it comes to a certain Decepticon like Starscream. Similar to Arcee as she shares the same fate for Cliffjumper as for Maximus team. He can sometimes fall for certain lack of judgement before in the end but he'll learn at the end from right and wrong or when they're lying.

Bio: He transforms into a Oshkosh HEMTT Truck because in order to keep from attracting attention from humans or anyone. He was military tactical soldier back in the earlier days of the civil war and later on became a general. He carries a lot of weapons like any other heavy Autobot would, a way of saying he is always prepared to fight off decepticons or anything. He carries a Cybertronian Machine Gun as his primary weapon and a secret pistol hiding as his backup. He also carries a Triple Barrel Gatling Gun for heavy artillery and a Cybertronian Two-Hand Hammer for Melee. Mostly he's a walking arsenal or basically a tank.

History: During his early days of the war he was assigned to Prime's Team and join them on their missions but got separated in battle and he left before he could join him. Later on he manage to follow Optimus trail and followed him to Earth where he reunite with Optimus and his team. He had a dark paste on Cybertron when he was soldier as his entire team called the Battalion Squadron. When they were on a mission and without knowing they were ambushed and slaughtered by Megatrons clones and Starscream leading the genocide and he swore to get his revenge on Starscream for what he has done and for his team.
Transformers Prime OC - Cruxton
My Transformers Prime OC Cruxton. 

I might make more soon...
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My Rapter Hunter on a Skillzilla while playing Mozeart

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